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With almost three decades of paralegal experience in Labor & Employment Law, Debra Manitzas Trueman has handled hundreds of unemployment claims on behalf of employer clients, and has a wealth of experience in HR-related functions, including preparation of employee handbooks and policy manuals, disciplinary write-ups and termination reports, handling workplace investigations and EEOC discrimination charges, documentation strategies and guidance in the effective implementation of disciplinary policies, compliance, supervisory training and harassment prevention training, and other HR-related functions.

Manitzas Trueman Consulting Services does not provide legal services and advice.

Our goal is to improve your chances of preventing and/or prevailing in such claims, by being proactive in the implementation of your disciplinary policy and in assuring your compliance with applicable employment statutes.

Whether you want Manitzas Trueman Consulting Services to serve as your HR department, or as backup HR support, or to help train your current human resource employees, Manitzas Trueman Consulting Services can help!               

Debra Manitzas Trueman, President

Manitzas Trueman Consulting Services 

will deal with your HR headaches, so you can concentrate on running your business.

Today's workplace can be a minefield of potential pitfalls for employers.  From unemployment claims, to harassment complaints, to discrimination charges and wrongful termination lawsuits, employers must be vigilant in complying with employment discrimination statutes and in documenting employee misconduct if they hope to prevail in such cases. 

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