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   Practical Employment Solutions for Today's Employers

        Manitzas Trueman Consulting Services has a diverse group of clients from a broad spectrum of industries,


  • Transportation, Research & Development, Manufacturing, Banking, Health Care, Sales & Services, Energy & Gas, Food Services, Hospitality.
  • Union and Non-Union Employers
  • Large, Medium and Small Employers

      (References provided upon request.)

Our Services

Whether your company needs full-time HR support, or assistance on an as-needed basis, Manitzas Trueman Consulting Services can take care of your HR needs.

Let Manitzas Trueman Consulting Services help your company navigate the waters of today's complicated workplace. Schedule a consultation  today to discuss your company's HR business needs.

HR Consulting

Whether you are just starting out as a new employer, or you've been in business for years, Manitzas Trueman Consulting Services can provide guidance and support in your company's HR tasks.